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model home staging

Chapel Hill Custom Development

The effectiveness of presenting a model home for public view has been proven by countless developers and builders across the globe. However, not all model home staging is alike... in quality or execution time. 

This home is a showstopping example of modern dutch colonial design. One that needed very little in terms of "decoration." What it did need was the solidification of value in the price point. This model is part of a four home, multi-million dollar custom development situated in an already established neighborhood. The new kids on the block. To appeal to the most likely potential buyers, we needed to inject a sense of history and established wealth... fast

This stage had a 14 day timeline. We were able to develop the staging plan, procure the props and furnishings, and install in 2 weeks. Streamlined designer pieces expertly mixed with antiques and fine art created the harmony of place that a buyer in this price range is looking for. The best model home staging enhances the features that a builder has so diligently incorporated. It identifies the architectural nuances and accentuates them.

This stage has already yielded tremendous interest in a development that has yet to break ground. It is the tangible evidence of a lifestyle a buyer is willing to wait for. That is what we offer. 


For a virtual tour of the property and more info on the development visit:     Founders Ridge, Chapel Hill   

(oh, and we did the photography and the website too ;)

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