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Studies have shown, Outstanding staging can help you to sell a home faster for more. a properly presented and staged home can see an increase in the home’s value from 5% to a staggering 15%. That is a real, tangible return on the services we provide. We have studied the visual psychology behind what motivates buyers and we employ all of our methods to get and keep a buyer’s Attention. It’s an old adage but it rings true, especially in our housing market: You never get a second chance at a first impression.

Today's Buyer has incredibly high expectations. Empty spaces, poor staging, and Seller’s furnishings are no longer enough to get your home sold; and certainly not enough to elicit top dollar. Mediocre staging brings mediocre results. We do things differently, that is why our methods have resulted in a remarkable success rate. 

As educated and discerning as buyers are, 90% of people are completely unable to see beyond what is in front of them. We specialize in transforming dull listings into stunning, highly sought after spaces by expertly incorporating our extensive inventory of Designer furnishings, light fixtures, and original works of art. 

Homes under contract in under 24 hours, bidding wars, record setting sale prices, and the ability to sell the "unsaleable," are not things the average stager can accomplish. Knowing what drives buyers, studying the psychology behind their decisions, and developing an extensive inventory of high-end staging elements have made it possible for us to do just that.

NEVER ask a buyer

to "USE THEIR IMAGINATION" about the potential of a property.

staging case studies

Please browse the sampling of case studies below. Each home came with its own unique challenges. For these properties, and every property we stage, we developed a customized plan insuring each home showed to its maximum potential. THE RESULTS: multiple offers, bidding wars, and record sales. 

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