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case study

Tripp Loyd Custom Build

This home was a stunning example of details and architecture. However, it wasn't without its challenges. It had been listed before and received no interest.


Over 10 years old, it appeared--at first glance-- to be lacking the highly coveted "open" spaces. The living and dining areas felt cramped for a home of this size. The kitchen also felt closed off with an under utilized "keeping room." And no designated office space. This listing was competing with the brand new builds going up all around it... those with open floor plans, large and multiple family dining areas, private offices, etc. We staged with those things in mind.


We completely refurnished the entire main floor. Better proportioned and appointed furnishings in the living, dining, kitchen and keeping rooms eliminated the closed off feeling. The home looked spacious, open and bright. New drapes to lighten and heighten the master bedroom and converted a downstairs guest room into an office. We highlighted the moldings and architectural details with strategic placement of glass pieces and high end decor.

The home received 4 times the interest and showings in the first 2 weeks of going on the market then in the entire 4 months with the previous agent that elected not to stage the property. It sold for a neighborhood record. 

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