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case study

Banks Road Farm House

Over 150 years old, this historic equine farm house had quite the history. Picturesque white perimeter & cross fencing line the entire 6.34 acre property. 100 yr oaks & magnolias punctuate the drive from gate to homestead. The exterior had everything going for it, unfortunately, the interior was suffering from years of deferred maintenance and poorly executed renovations. 

The home owners attempted to sell the property in this condition with no success. Proving a charming location and phenomenal history is not enough to get a home sold. After contacting us, we developed a renovation and staging plan with the home owners that would mitigate the majority of the issues buyers have with purchasing an "old" home. 

Our plan identified and outlined the areas of greatest concern, insuring that all monies invested would have the greatest impact on the getting the home sold for top dollar. We then staged every area of the home to elicit the highest emotional response from buyers. Transforming an ailing home on the brink of disrepair, into an unforgettable gem that will be treasured for years to come.  

This home went under contract in under a week with multiple offers and shattered the market price record for the area.  

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