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case study

Silver Lake Townhouse

Silver Beach is a terrific townhome community with outstanding amenities. That said, homes with great amenities don’t set market records for sale price and listing time on their own. This end unit had a great deal of potential, but nothing that set it apart from the previous listings. It was also vacant. Not only do empty properties appear smaller, they also immediately give potential buyers the perception of a negotiable price. They identify that the owner is now potentially paying two mortgages and smart buyers will attempt to capitalize on that with a low offer. Great staging doesn't just eliminate that instinct, it actually creates an urgency and excitement that draws higher offers. That is exactly what happened here. 

We replaced the builders grade light fixtures and removed any dull elements. We fully staged the main areas of the home with an expert mix of timeless furnishings, art and decor. We always aim to appeal to both masculine and feminine, modern and traditional style sensibilities. 


As a result, this home sold for $20,000 more than the comparable listing prices of homes in the area and it was under contract in 3 days. A record for the neighborhood.

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